The speed and availability of information is leveling the playing field for small and medium-sized pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies.   Cloud-based technologies decrease costs and accelerate the sharing information sharing between product distributors and the pharmaceutical companies as well as across internal teams.

Prime Solutions understands the criticality of efficiently sharing across each stage of the commercial value chain.  We have built a scalable and unified solution that integrates the data suppliers (e.g., pharma distributors), customer relationship management and business intelligence on a single platform.

IT Driving

Business Growth

  • Data Aggregation: Transfer and Standardization of data from Specialty Pharmaceutical and Distribution companies
  • CRM/ 3rd Party Data Integration: Data integration with  from CRM providers such as Salesforce.comTM and VeevaTM and 3rd party data providers such as MedProTM
  • Data Warehouse/ Business Intelligence: Operation and Management reporting based on data from upstream data sources (e.g., CRM, 3rd Party Sources)